Privacy Policy

Lentasia will inform you when we are collecting personally information about you, as well as the use or uses Lentasia intends to make with such information. For example, we may need to collect information to respond to your requests for information, in connection with content entry forms and/or promotions, or to allow you to send or post messages.

Data Privacy Policy

Lentasia data privacy policy strictly conforms to the international legal regulations set down in accordance to the protection of data collected from people visiting our website. Lentasia Technologies Pvt. Ltd. treats all personal data obtained via internet and our website carefully and confidentially so that no physical/mental harm is instilled up on the person, with regard to the collected data. Personal data that has possibly been known to us will be kept secret, privacy will be respected and information will be used exclusively for the purpose for which it was made known to us. Without seeking approval of the respective person, this data will neither be made accessible to third parties, nor transferred to them in any form or manner.

Information gathered via technology

The information about your domain names/IP address is collected, when you visit our website. We gather it for the purpose of making an analysis of the statistics, like viewed pages, total visits on the website, time spent on the website by visitors, etc. This process is followed with the purpose of boasting the experience of our customers. The information is collected by using navigational data (such as URL) or cookies to look for the time and time of the visit, operating system and browser.

Rights over Intellectual Property

Lentasia Technologies Pvt. Ltd. logos used on the website are protected by international Trademark laws. As such, they are strictly the property of Lentasia Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and third parties are not allowed to use them until and unless getting an approval from the respective company. Pictures, Photos, Graphic Charts, Texts and Data published on the website may be used/ altered/ transferred/reproduced only with prior approval from Lentasia Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Updating privacy policy

You are supposed to abide by the policies and practices of Lentasia Technologies Pvt. Ltd. that have been demonstrated in the privacy statements. Lentasia reserves all the rights to alter, amend or update the privacy practices without any prior notice. We recommend our customers to view our privacy statements at regular intervals to remain updated with the amended policies.